Cosmetic 360 (Paris)

Bringing together global trends and solutions

Innovation in all its forms

A genuine forum for exchange and discovery of innovation, Cosmetic 360 offers an opportunity to find out about the latest innovations and the beauty services of tomorrow. All forms of innovation are included:

  • Technological innovations,
  • Product innovations,
  • Innovations in processes,
  • Innovations in services,
  • etc.


Coverage of the entire cosmetics and fragrances sector

Cosmetic 360 is an opportunity to discover and promote innovation across all facets of the cosmetics and fragrances industry:

  • Raw materials,
  • Formulation,
  • Packaging,
  • Tests and Analysis,
  • Finished products,
  • Distribution,
  • etc.

Cosmetic 360 is aimed at the decision-makers of the cosmetics and fragrances world: General Management, Technical Management, Research and Development, Marketing Management, Sales Management, Buyers, Academics, Distribution Companies, etc.


13.- 14. OCT 2016
Booth: U21
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